My name is Mihai (Mike) and I’m a photographer covering the whole island of Cyprus.

A few words on how I got here:

I was supposed to be computer programmer but later I discovered that I can’t work in a office, I had to be outside, I had to work with people, preferably happy people! so I turned to my second love which was working with image, almost at the same time I discovered the digital camera and start using it on people,  soon after positive feedback came… and that was it. 10 years later I realized that since I got a camera in my hands I made my living only by producing image, so I guess that makes me a photographer. But all these years I was so preoccupied with work that I never got the chance to display any of it, so in the spring of 2015 I managed to put together some highlights of my latest commercial works and this is how the “NadarStudio.com project” was born.

Because you might wonder where does “Nadar” came from I’ll give you a short answer and I’ll try to be short on the history lesson as well:

Nadar was the pseudonym of a guy that I relate and admire very much . He was a french photographer that lived in the 18 century. Gaspard-Félix Tournachon was his real name and he possessed many other skills and I think that was the recipe for his great contribution to the industry. But if you want to find out more …well just google it.